46. Murtis behind the curtain

Today I did not know what to do with the pain in my heart that I was feeling after my yoga class in one of the many renown Yoga centers established in the West by a Hindu Master. Because today again I had to see the murtis behind the curtain, the frivolity with which things that are sacred for me are treated there: from ignored murtis to mantras chanted in a “secular way” if that could be done. At last, with the grace of Bhagavan, nobody must have done the Prana Pratishta ceremony on those murtis, despite puja is done there now and then by the ones who say that the deities are simply simbols that represent the forces of Nature.

Today once again I wondered what the heck I am doing there, when Christmas time is near and they have started decorating the place for the occasion…if they get to play the Christmas songs as they were planning then I will definitely run away from there.


“Feel your body”, the teacher was saying. I do not want to feel my body, I want to unite with my Shiva! I want to get rid of all the illusions that trap me. I want to experience the Oneness of Brahman and laugh loudly at His lila between Dharma and Adharma. But in the meantime, tell me my Lord, what do I do with so much lack of respect? Still they think they are spiritual! Because they chant “OM”, they greet each other and us the students with “Om Namah Shivaya”, they have Hindu names and they keep reading excerpts of the Master to which the centers owe their name. But if the Master himself, despite being such an elevated jiva if not enlightened, fell into the trap of sameness of religions, what can be expected from his followers?

Powerlessness, that is what I feel. But that doesn´t mean that I will give up defending what I feel is my duty to defend: in this case, the truth of the Hindu origin of Yoga. No matter how much they keep denying, no matter they are many more in number if one puts together the ones who defend that they have nothing to do with Hinduism plus the ones who do not care at all just to get some relief from their stressful lives and to get some fitness for their bodies.

And they are the most authentic one can find here. And this is the best I can get if I want to approach to a guided Yoga class, at least here in my city. And I want to follow the most authentic yoga: even if they try to unconsciously kill the mantras when they chant them without any devotion, I put the devotion myself. If they close the curtain the whole day with the murtis behind, I remember which murtis are there and revere them (except for the image of Jesus, sorry, but I have had enough in my life). If I hear the teachers calling each other by their (rejected) Hindu names, it brings to my mind the image of the Devis and Devatas that they play down by using their names without the due respect. If they tell me to focus in the space between the eyebrows “because the mind is there”, I then pray to my Shiva to protect me from all this secularism.

I have not even once heard there the word “sacred”. And that hurts, my dear Hindu brethren, how much it hurts! Will many understand it?


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