35. Halloween? NO, thanks!!


An increasingly number of people are celebrating Halloween these days, suppossedly in memory of the dead persons, with much enthusiasm but without realising what they are doing….or perhaps some of them know, what would be even more worrisome. This provoked in me some thoughts that I would like to share with you.


In the pursue of “freedom” it is for long that the West has lost its way. And the main cause, in my opinion, has been the fact of looking for that freedom outside and not innerly. Like in Mr. Malhotra´s words, “freedom to” is what the West has sought, and “freedom from” is what the Hindu Dharma provides.

“Again criticising the West?”, readers may think. Well, yes, at the same time that I am stating the facts in my different posts. Of course, I am giving my views on the issues from a standpoint of a westerner who has seen where this trend has taken to the West. Some people may like it. I don´t. The “freedom to” choose that the West has facilitated would be great given the individuals were mature enough to know what they choose and ponder the consequences of their choices, for them and for all, which I am afraid it happens with only a tiny minority of the people. On the contrary, the “freedom from” conditionings that the Dharma facilitates, comes after a many lives´s spiritual training of the jiva that makes of him someone mature, someone capable to develop viveka o discerning capacity, to choose the sreyas (the good, the desirable) over the preyas (the pleasurable).

The West clearly chose the preyas, being the epitome of freedom “to do whatever I WANT in life”, in every field, with the less possible restraints. A minimum common sense of a mature person would understand that this is a very risky path: as the shastras warn us (Bhagavad Gita, Katha Upanishad), whoever follows the path of preyas is bound to lead to self-destruction. See the decline of the West as a culture: broken homes, high number of cases of depression, increasing number of suicides, and in general, I find this society completely at a loss. Of course, the causes are many more and multifarious but they could be summed up in this one: for having chosen to “do whatever they feel like”. Now in the last years for example, they “feel like” to celebrate Halloween, the ugliest and darkest way of having fun that I have ever seen: zombies parades, people dressed up in dark colors, with terrific masks and make up as blood. Like everything goes, this is just another way of “having fun” for them and somehow defy the establishment…as usual, simply as the other side of the same coin. They think they are very rebel parading like this, and what they do not know is that by this way, they are attracting the worst energies of the subtle world for them and for the whole society. Yes, this is not a joke: in the days of the celebration of Halloween, ghosts and other dark forces of the subworld are attracted to it and manifest themselves much more. And this darkness remains all around for a long period of the year…..till next celebration next year, that it will happen again!!. Please read here to get more info:


What to do to protect yourself and your family more during these days and afterwards? As it is recommended in this web, increase your sadhana, your japa to your Ishta Devata, and as a piece of advice given in the link provided, keep reciting the mantra for protection “Shri Gurudeva Datta”.

But this is just part of what we have to do. Swami Chinmayananda enlightens us in this affair a couple of paragraphs later.

I do not want to frighten anyone. It is not a matter of fear. If we keep thinking of Bhagavan, nothing will hurt us. I am just trying to help in awareness to whoever may read this that, STUPIDLY, with these celebrations the disturbing energies are increased….just for the sake of a fun that I am unable to fathom….

As I am not enlightened and I move in the realm of duality, I definitely choose light over darkness. Integrating and accepting the existent darkness as a part of our human nature does not mean to feed it. Choosing light weakens the darkness in us, because where there is light, there is no space for darkness:

“Human mind stands between two worlds, as it were – the upper world of harmony, and the lower world of dischord, chaos, etc. To the extent we withdraw ourselves from the lower clamour and tune ourselves up to the sweet music of the higher, to that extent we are spiritual and divine. Whatever the methods by which this is achieved – those are all methods of religion. You become truly religious not by rotating malas, not by reading books, not by merely singing the glory of the Lord, but by sincerily living in tune with the ´higher´in you, the greater and the nobler in you.” Sw. Chinmayananda in “Vedanta through letters, vol. 1”.

And this should be a constant endeavour in our life if we really want welfare for us and for all. If you are not religious, this advice also applies: just choose conciously for the light, instead of for instant satisfaction. At the long run, you will feel better and everyone around you also.

By the way, I totally refuse to choose any of those dark pictures of Halloween for illustrating this post ;-). I chose the image of Guru Datta (Dattatreya). May He bless us with His protection!


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