30. NO Christian missions, NO foreign-funded NGOs


Being born and brought up in the Christian society, I know very well the pulse of the westerners and what they think about the Christian missionaries and foreign-funded NGOs operating in many countries including India. A general view is that both groups are doing a remarkable social work by providing financial and moral support to poor and needy people all over the world. For this, they are highly appreciated and encouraged.

What a pity. They are not aware of the definite hidden agenda behind most of these activities of charity.


The world had enough natural resources for everybody as it was. And each community long back learnt to live in their own territory with the means they counted on. But as the result of the expansionist ambitions of the West and their interventions in non-western countries during centuries or even millenia, havoc, misery, illnesses and destruction has been spread in the world, through explotation of the resources hand to hand with religious conversions of the locals. There is no cause without consequence and there is no consequence without a cause. Good-intentioned and not so good-intentioned westerners, take pity on the consequences in many countries reflected in their poverty, and support the missionaries as the ones that “go, leaving everything, just to help the poor”, NOT REALISING THAT by this way, the west is perpetuating the destruction of the cultures.

Let´s call a spade a spade: what is the “mission” of the missionaries? Obviously, to spread the Gospel. If you have any doubt, check the several encyclicals (Pope´s orders, they have to be followed) like “Redemptoris Missio” or “Ad gents”; missionaries go to “poor countries” to spread the Gospel and to “harvest souls”, as per the Bible injunction. I don´t deny the practical help that some of them give, but at what cost??. As Swami Shri Dayananda Saraswati ji says, “conversion is an spiritual VIOLENCE”, and a cultural genocide. It is the most basic DISRESPECT towards “the other”, that is considered inferior and mistaken and has to be corrected till they get to believe in the ONLY TRUTH of Jesus as the only saviour. 

Missions are NOT selfless activities. They are activities with clear vested interests:

a) Immediate interest: to convert and spread the gospel.

b) Medium-long term interest: to increase the power of the West in the world.

If they were so altruistic, they would help without asking for anything in return, but they are asking for nothing less that the renounce of the local individual/community to their own beliefs, culture and worldview. Why is it so difficult to understand that this is sheer VIOLENCE?

Exclusivity in abrahamic religions means that only theirs is truth, and all the rest are false and have to be converted to “the only truth” which, besides, collides among the abrahamic faiths themselves, provided the eternal conflict among christians-muslims-jews. Till the Church and all christians denominations, together with Islam, drop the claim of exclusivity, peace will not come to the earth. But dropping this claim seems to be quite difficult, as long as these religions take conversion as a duty to spread their thruth.





As a supporter for many years of some Spanish and international NGOS, it took much time and many efforts to me to being able to open my eyes and see the REAL hidden agenda behind the vast majority of the western NGOS. So hidden that even most of their workers do not realise it, moreover when they are not able to realise the disrespect that it means imposing western culture in a non-western country.

This is another tool of the West to become more powerful and to dominate the world, BY DESTROYING THE LOCAL CULTURE. Through an apparent “helping activity”, western-funded NGOs are imposing their worldview on the locals, either by imposing the western worldview on the human rights, when they are “liberal/leftist” or by imposing Christianity in most of the cases, when they are Christian NGOs. Or even both aspects intermingled. There is very little scope for anything different than these two objectives among the Western NGOs.

If you still have any doubts, there is plenty of information about the mischievious deeds of the Christian NGOS all around the world. Regarding India, do not miss this video, THAT SHOULD GO VIRAL, made by a sensitive woman, Pia Skov, who realises the horror that this means for the local cultures and the people. In the spanish version of this post, I have taken the trouble of translating and transcripting the video, especially when an spanish NGO is mentioned there, Manos Unidas (starting in minute 3.48), as one of the many financial supporters of these shameful activities:


Only today I came to know that there are currently 3,100,000 NGOs in India, but less than 10% of them have complied with the requirement of submitting balance sheets and income-expenditure statements with the Registrar of Societies. Thanks to S.Sji for sending me the link to the article with this data: https://bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2015/08/06/india-has-31-lakh-ngos-more-than-double-the-number-of-schools-utkarsh-anand/


The one who pays, decides. That is why more and more people are realising this fact, and asking their local governments to restrict, monitorised and if required, ban the activities of the foreign funded NGOS, encouraging instead the national associations, foundations and NGOS to help the local TROUGH LOCAL RESOURCES AND THROUGH THE LOCAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE THINGS. This should be done in India too if we don´t want it to become even more an extension of the West, renouncing in exchange to the indian/ hindu richness and wisdom, and letting like this that the adharmic forces take on India….even more than what has happened till now.



Although there might be many difficulties to take steps like this one, many voices that I fully second are proposing to DENY THE VISA of the foreign missionaries that are currently staying in India, so they have to go.

I have been told that fortunately, the Government now is starting taking steps towards the banning of these activities.

On the other hand, there should be education on local villagers on the richness of their own culture and religion, together with practical help in the cases of need. Traditionally, many hindu gurus opened hospitals and centers of help for the needy, helping them regardless their religion and of course, without converting them, unlike what christian missionairies do when they help in India. The case of Teresa of Calcuta and her sisters of charity should be mentioned apart in a full post for their more than questionable behaviour while treating the sicks.  Fortunately there are arising many local NGOs realising that it is more than high time to counteract these inhumane activities. I would encourage ALL hindus to support these local organizations as per their possibilities.


Solutions proposed by hinduwebsite.com

Some ideas to reflect on:



Is it required to go so far when Dharma has never favoured proselytism? I think that the state of affairs has got to such a serious condition that we have to give it a second thought. So serious that they are christianising hindu simbols and practices to de-hinduising India. (http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/36329.html). So perhaps it is not such a bad idea to start taking more active attitudes to fight the injustices. It doesn´t mean to impose,  much less forcefully. But to spread the knowledge especially among those who have been deceitfully converted to the abrahamic religions. It seems that it has started already…



While being in India, I was told of a lovely story that reflects the candid way of being of villagers there: there was a couple of australian missionairies who, after having landed in India and converted people for a couple of months, they decided to travel to Australia to collect more funds to construct churches in India. They stayed in Australia for one month. While returning to India, they found to their dismay that all the supposedly converted villagers that they had made had incorporated in their home shrines, together with the image of Jesus, several images of the Hindu deities of their preference. When they asked them why they had done this, they responded: “Poor Jesus! He was very alone in the shrine…”. 🙂

This is the beauty of the villagers´mentality and the power of a solid tradition; Sanathan Dharma.



If you are really concerned with the welfare of the people, help and support local communities of the country that you want to help, for they know their people better than anyone else. If you are really concerned and become aware of this modern way of invasion, make your acquaintances aware and don´t let the local cultural and spiritual wealth be diluted through foreign interventions in the form of NGOs and christian churches converting people. Whatever imposition of any religion to engross the list of followers and therefore their power, is deceitful and miserable. SAY NO TO CHRISTIAN MISSIONS AND TO WESTERN NGOS, even if you are a Christian, but you have a heart.



4 thoughts on “30. NO Christian missions, NO foreign-funded NGOs

  1. Well s is aid Mariaji. However over here in my country where the Religion of Peace , doing the same thing to Hindus. Money, lucrative jobs, promotion ect are used to gain cnverts. And these converts go around demonising Hinduism and morre converts. Their chidren are forcefully abducted by those in authority and force converted much to the agony of the still Hindu mothers. Jai Kali Ma.


    1. Indeed, this should be a matter of a post apart by itself. What Mother Bharat is suffering due to adharmic forces is too much. But we need Hindus to be unite to give it a counter boost. And I feel this is already happening. In the perfect balance of the Universe, whenever one of the sides of the kurukshetra increases it strenght, the other does the same. And this is what we have to do: our best, leaving the fruits to Bhagavan.
      Jai Kali Ma!
      Om Namah Shivaya!


      1. I agree with you Mariaji. Things will definitely balance out throughout the universe and Dharma will win. It’s voices like yours that help the west to see the Truth.
        However other voices esp diaspora’s annual conferences (eg Global Dharma, World Hindu Economic Forum ) would not touch these subjects. they trun a blind eye to these forced conversion, not mentioning slow genocide that is happening in some countries. Sorry out of topic but can’t stop this frustration. Jai Kali Ma.


  2. Smt Mariaji wrote a bold true article for all Hindus to wake up and do something to protect our religion from missionaries
    Suggested Action
    Open a new blog in your name and
    Post this blog and all
    Smt Mariaji blogs to spread the word
    2 pl send email to our PM Modiji
    With information data like in this blog and he will take action
    3 place this article in social media face book and ask for people’s comments
    4 send emails to missionaries questioning their practise
    5 send emails to NGo trusts govt of india and ask them if they are getting yearly monthly reports from these missionaries
    I will do this and have done this
    This is Dharma


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