09. The look of Conciousness

Sri Anandamayi MaSri RamakrishnaSri Ramana MaharshiSri Yukteswarsri-aurobindo

trailingswamiSwami YoganandaSwami RamdasSwami Vivekanandaswami-brahmanandaSwami Sivananda


Those eyes…the amazing look of the Saints of Great India, so deep and unfathomable that goes unnoticed. Although we look, we don´t see it. We don´t see it in all its immensity.

The look of the saints allows us to catch a glimpse of several ecstatic,  trascendence or samadhi states. Depending on the moment when the photograph was taken, their experience of the Eternal that stuck out their eyes is recorded for posterity. This experience of Conciousness translates into experiencing Bhagavan in oneself, melting with Him and Being Him in us….the only permanent thing that exists in us.

There are different types of samadhis, from spontaneous to the fruits of intense sadhanas. Some of them permit a person to continue with his daily routines with some efficiency. Some others are so intense that the person cannot continue with his daily tasks and cannot attend at all his worldly activities and Bhagavan provides in these cases of some assistant who has to feed him and do other necessary routines.

Then, the depth of these states of trascendency vary then from the most superficial and momentary ones (there is still conscience of the body and they usually come back to “normal” state, though having changed) to the deepest, stable and lasty states. In the highest samadhi, according to Sri Ramakrishna, the body cannot stay alive for more than twenty one days…when we are already Him, it doesn´t make any sense for the “shell” to live. But Shri Ramakrishna remained six months in this state and lived for longer because that was the Divine Will for him: to stay alive longer for the benefit of mankind.

In all the cases, the spiritual evolution occurs by rising of the kundalini shakti through the spine, in the sushumna nadi at a subtle plane, ascending through the chakras. For this evolution to happen some requisites must be gathered: sadhana and dharmic behaviours generally all required. The spiritual growing attained in previous lives, lies dormant inside and a dharmic living can awake it and facilitate progress at incredible speeds. But nothing is attained by even tons of sadhana, but only preparing the person to receive Bhagavan´s grace.

The look of the saints is an open window to the state that the saint is living, and according to my experience, the observer of those eyes will be able to see more or less in them depending on his own spiritual evolution. So as to in these RELATIVE space-temporary parameters that we move in, it may happen that we get astounded to see new nuances if we look at the photograps some time later. In those states they seem not to be “here”….but…you know what? It is we the ones who are not “here” really, we are in our mind, in our worries, in our desires, in yesterday, in tomorrow..and we miss what Truly and Eternally Is Here and Everywhere…the saints reach out to us with the example of their lives and they open the door for us to the Eternal Present that stuck out their blessed eyes. Let´s not miss it. To them I bow.


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