08. The joy of being driven by Bhagavan


I was inspired to write this post by the comment of Viral Tiwari ji in one of Maria Wirth´s articles about my “guts to be one to stand out in the crowd”. Being a western hindu in a western society. I would like to say that my surroundings (except for my partner and the closest ones) have gradually adjusted to my process, without really knowing much what was going on inside :-). We don´t proselytize, so only when opportunity has arisen, quite few times, I have had the space to express what it is the reason of my life. Which of course cannot be explained in a ten minutes conversation…

Becoming a Hindu I could say it has been done in me by a potent driven force. Looking back, I see I had no other way but becoming it. I feel that I have been taken to the place I am and hope and pray I continue to be taken higher and higher. I only had to crave and cry for an experience of God, as the multiple dogmas were not convincing me at all, and I was blessed enough to be taken by my hand by my Shiva into the dharmic path.

One is so proud sometimes as to think one does something. I can see now Maria did very little, but just giving up hopes and hoping for Him, and He made Himself visible.

When the intellectuals say that Shiva is a force (only) as to make themselves very progressive and far from the, according to them probably, childish and backward vision of a human Form of Him, I would like to tell them: Ishwara is so indescribably compassionate, that He adjusts to the Form and speaks the language that most suits the devotee´s language: even a human meditative Form. This has been my experience and His Darshan. The experience that made me be born again in this life itself. The experience of an indescribable joy that keeps increasing the more I devote to Him.


2 thoughts on “08. The joy of being driven by Bhagavan

  1. Maria, I liked your reply to intellectuals. Ultimately it is about realizing that Iswara, Shiva, Krishna, Devi, Brahman, whatever one calls That is really real.
    In this connection a short story I heard:
    A devotee sits daily in front of a murti of Krishna and worships him with all diligence. He prays for Krishna’s darshan. After years of worship he gets wary and even angry. One morning, when he sits again for his worship, he sees the fume of the incense waft to Krishna’s nose. He becomes annoyed, takes his handkerchief and binds it around Krishna’s nose shouting: “You don’t deserve to enjoy this fragrance.”
    That’s when he suddenly has Krishna’s darshan. Amazed he asks, “how is it that you never came when I worshipped you, but now, when I was angry with you, you came?”
    “Because for the first time you felt I was truly here with you and can smell the fragrance.”…


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