05. My Mother India


Being a Hindu is necessarily intermingled with looking up to India as our Mother. Whether we are born in Bharat in this life or not is secondary, we carry India inside. I love India as if I had been born there or even more. Later in my life I came to know that in fact, I was born there in my previous life (and I am quite sure that in many more), but even if this knowledge had never come to me, just by being hindu means realising that the very veins of my mother Bharat carry Hindu blood. As a compassionate mother that shelters all the progeny, it shelters different sons and daughters belonging to different religions proud to be an example of unity in diversity. But please, my brothers and sisters of other religions, don´t attack my Mother from inside. It has suffered more than enough with the attacks that She receives from other countries.

The enlightened jivas have attained Moksha in Her sacred soil and left their legacy of inspiration and encouragement for the benefit of the whole world. No other country has given so many saints and even the Divine chose to be born from Her lap.

India has been continuosly developed scientifically and intellectualy since ancient times:  when the rest of mankind was going around for hunting and painting in the caves, Indian rishis and rishikas were living enlightened lives and society was an example of harmony.

Bharat Ma

Yoga and meditation were originated in India thousands of years ago, before Patanjali spreaded it.

India is alive. As no other country is alive. One of the reasons is because Nature in India is integrated as a part of the wholeness that hindus intuitively live with, and not a matter of explotaition for the human benefit as the legacy that the Bible has given to the western judeo-christian mind. Ecology in the west is a selfish question…”take care of Nature because otherwise the future generations will not have land to continue to exploit”. The Bible supports the explotation of the Nature by giving the men a place of superiority in the “creation” and set the whole Nature at its disposal. This is the western mentality in general terms, no matter whether they call themselves atheists that this framework is more in them that what they would like to recognise.

Vegetarianism in the West is a childish attempt to respect animals “because they suffer like us”. Good starting, but still very far from the mature hindu approach to the pervasiveness of Brahman in each and every creature and matter. Is it not a matter of pride to belong to a culture in which every sentient and insentient being is considered a part of ourselves? Nowadays it is being promoted as a more healthy diet in the West….being healthy is good and desirable, but so much health consciousness stinks of identification with the body, confirmed by each and every step that the West takes.

India is sacred. India is a subtle holiness that pervades the whole geography of the subcontinent. I can feel it from the apparent geographical distance. Only in India I have felt the osmosis between what it is within this body and what is beyond. Only in India I have felt sparks in the air, invisible sparks that nowhere else I have felt.

There is something hidden to the physical eyes that is more real than the reality of the brainwashing media, the materialism possessing so many jivas and the execrable conversions. Give yourself the time to close your eyes and feeling it.

Jai Bharat Ma!

 Mera Bharat Maha


2 thoughts on “05. My Mother India

  1. Dear Maria Ji,

    Very well written!

    I am amazed by your know how of India and Sanatan Dharma. And I think you were not only born here once in your previous life..but maybe many a more lives 🙂 Blessed is your soul.

    Nature is so integrated with Sanatan Dharma, that respects for it comes within.

    Not about just being a vegetarian, but like you said, Brahman is there in each and every matter..rather each and every particle of the matter! Both living and non living.

    Hence it teaches us to respect not only living, but also value and revere the importance and immpact of non living things in our lives. For e.g. on the occasion of Dusshera we worship firearms and vehicles.

    Many of us Indians are in a slumber and more so are these so called Elite Intellects.

    You are bang on target about brainwashing. There is so much to be said about this, but alas for the sake of brevity, lack of space and more importantly the lack of shape of my thoughts about it, that for now I leave it at be.

    But there are certain things which I can point to you / share with you.

    For e.g try google about
    1) “meaning of Hindu Kush”
    2) “biggest holocaust whitewash India” –> Go for the wordpress link
    3) “biggest holocaust whitewash” –> Go for the bnp org uk link.

    5)Fayhan al-Ghamdi
    6)Raif Badawi

    These might surprise you.

    Also as asked by you, I went through the blogs by Maria ji on the topic of Indian secularism.

    I found two, viz. dated 2-May-2014 and 7-Nov-2014.

    I commented on the latter as it was inclusive of the previous one.

    If you find time, read my comment there. You might find it useful.

    Keep up the good work! May god blessings with you always. My wishes will always be!

    Jai Siya Ram!


    1. So much to learn from the Hindu culture, from the Hindu philosophy!. And so many things to take care of from cultural invasions….I´ll go through it as soon as I can. Many thanks for your good wishes!


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