02. Acknowledgements

Just to be alive is an opportunity for gratitude. Being alive as a human is a golden opportunity because we can be aware of who we are, and this discovery fulfils our hearts. Whatever has happened in our lives, it has brought us alive till this very moment, and perhaps for those difficulties with which we may have suffered so much, we have been polished till an extent that would not been there, having been the things easier. So everything in this life is a matter of the attitude with which we face it. Nobody lives without problems. There are bad days and good days, but when one realises the spiritual sense of life, everything can be overcome sooner or later.

There are so many people to whom I am grateful and I would not do justice by mentioning only some of them. But still, there are people who have made a difference in my life perhaps more than what they think. I would start for my parents, who brought me up the best they could, even though since I was born I never fitted in the family. I used to question everything when everything was taken for granted. This brought me many difficulties as well, but now I understand this was the way that Shiva was protecting me: by being different. Only some years ago, I got a comment from my cousin C, that I will never forget: “of course you have always been different, since you were a child. But different doesn´t mean `worse´!”. And now I can say I am happy to be different, because I could find my path thanks to this difference.

My partner, a hindu indian, has helped me so much in understanding Dharma not only by theorising but by living too. I am grateful to him for many reasons, and proud of being at his side. And happy for the acceptance that I have got from his family too.

My friend A. She has such a wonderful connection with the Mystery, that many times I have felt the Devi more through her than in myself! I want her to know how grateful I am for her in my life.

Only a couple of years back I have known about Shri Rajiv Malhotra. All his books are memorable and the result of a hard scholar work of investigation, and there are lots of videos in the web by him. His work is an eye opener. This is his web: http://rajivmalhotra.com/  He has got to make dharmic people understand the value of the dharmic culture, and seeing the world from dharmic eyes, as he says, “reversing the gaze”.His work has helped me very much in affirming the difference: it is good to be different in a world where sameness of religions has only brought problems: the sameness attitude is only at the surface, diluting the differences it is not a fair game, it is only a strategy by the dominant culture to destroy the other cultures. Differences make life richer and one should not be afraid of them.

The hindu saints, whose lives and teachings have inspired me deeply and continue to do, with an special mention to my beloved Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa.

Swamini ji Svatmavidyananda and her Guru Pujya Swamiji Dayananda Saraswati. She has been extremely kind to devote time to respond to my mails with queries, when her timings being an acharya must be hectic. I respect and adore them and the world is blessed by their presence. I would recommend everybody interested in Advaita Vedanta to learn from their teachings. I hope I am blessed enough to have their darshan someday.

Maria Wirth and her fabolous blog. I admire her very much. She is a great writer and I support each idea of her, as I have mostly the same opinions, that she expresses much better than me. And for obvious reasons, I feel much identification with her. You can visit her blog. It is full of interesting, magnifically written and thought provoking articles:


I don´t want to forget anybody, I have highlighted some of the people who have contributed very much to confirm and reaffirm my hindu identity, but there are many other people in my heart, who have passed by my life but time or circumstances, or rather our karmas, have taken them away and are not there in my life anymore. I want to thank each and every of them, because everyone has a role in the other´s life.

And the highest of the acknowledgements is reserved for my Ishta Devata, Shiva Bhagawan. (Har har Mahadev!)


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