01.Living and Defending Hinduism



Forgive me, Oh, Shiva, my three paap! I came on a pilgrimage to Kashi forgetting that you are omnipresent.
In thinking about you I forgot that You are beyond thought.
In praying to You  I forgot that You are beyond words.
(Adi Shankaracharya)


Inspired by the saints and sages, and touching the kurukshetra of life with my feet, I want to acknowledge and melt in gratitude towards the source of happiness and my rebirth in this life itself to Him, my beloved Lord Shiva, who swallowed the poison of my life and showed me the path to mySelf, that it is the path to HimSelf. To You, my innermost core, because of you I live, you are the blood in my veins and the breath in and out my lungs. You inhabit the known and unknown, the living and the insentient. You the Formless Brahman, compassionate enough to make yourself reachable in this wonderful and thousand other marvellous Forms. When the doubts were making me cry out for a divine experience, you responded to my moans and showed me the Hindu Dharma. Step by step You took me by my hand and helped me cross the Ocean from blind unsatisfying dogmas to the amazing discovering of mySelf and of What It Is. I could see the whole Universe is inside. “What It Is” happens to be called Sanathan Dharma or Hinduism. The more we align to What It Is, the happier we will be.

Millions of more knowledgeable people than me will be saying tons of interesting things, but still this is my gate of gratitude in a country where Hindus are a tiny small minority not even recognised by the government.

My beloved Shiva: don´t ever let me think that I do something, because I am nobody and do nothing without You making my heart beat.

Om Namah Shivaya.

Forever Yours

Your Durga


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